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BLVD Cinemas, Inc. welcomes you to
THE INCUBATOR: A Creative Workspace.

Downtown Lancaster’s newest office space is specifically designed to accommodate individuals working primarily from their phone or laptop. Manage your daily workload at one of our 50 work stations (single or double available). Our monthly membership options make it easy to have your workspace for as long as you need it. Fully furnished, THE INCUBATOR is suited for everyday business as well as client meetings.



The following services are available to all INCUBATOR members:

                                                     ♦Single, Double, and 1 1/2 Sized Desks
                                                     ♦High Speed & Secured Wireless Internet
                                                     ♦Print Center (Scan, Print, and Fax)
                                                     ♦Conference Room with Large Screen Monitor
                                                     ♦Private Office for Scheduled Private Meetings
                                                     ♦Corner Desks with THE BEST views of Lancaster Blvd.
                                                     ♦Open Area Conference Tables
                                                     ♦The entire Incubator space is available for your planned business events                                                           (during off hours, subject to availability and approval)


In addition to the standard features of a major office space,
THE INCUBATOR is housed with these unique amenities:
                                                                         ♦Groundwork Organic Coffee
                                                                         ♦Luxury Theater
                                                                         ♦Weekly Events
                                                                         ♦BLVD Cinemas Café
                                                                         ♦Event Center
                                                                         ♦Used Book Store
       Dedicated Single Desk                       Dedicated Double Desk                       Daily Membership
               $350/month                                           $550-770/month                                         $50
Dedicated 1 1/2 Sized Desks available for $425/month

♦$25.00 per day for Students (with Student ID) or Student .EDU email on their Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone that they can show proof

For inquiries contact LaBron Horton at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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